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The language-support targets are formulated nationwide in the common framework targets of the education-plan segment for language support. It is important to take advantage of the potentials of multilingualism, the main focus being the support and initiation of competency in reading, writing, text comprehension and written language (book and education language) as a significant preparation for school.
The defined targets of the education-plan segment are:

  • Assistance for German-language acquisition by ensuring a continuous pedagogic supply of language stimuli
  • Promoting by- and multilingualism through intercultural pedagogy in actual practice and an active appreciation for the existing primary language/s
  • Promoting communication and the culture of discussion by establishing various possibilities for communication
  • Promoting the culture of books and literacy through an active engagement with books and modern media respectively an adequate proficiency with the culture of books, narration and writing
  • German-language support by means of philosophic discussions with children through patient involvement with innate childlike curiosity and delight in experimentation (“why”-questions) to also promote more abstract communication, the culture of discussion and the ability to judge and reason
  • Language support by improving transition processes, which facilitates the child´s emotionally rewarding transition experiences, for example through targeted cooperation with parents
  • Observation and documentation of their development in the German language through planning, implementing, documenting, interpreting and drawing conclusions

Long-term targets

Early language support facilitates the start in primary school. It ensures that all children, independent of their primary language, have significant language competency at their disposal to understand mathematic text examples, non-fictional texts, explications and tasks by means of good supervision until the end of their primary school at the latest (at the age of 10).

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